Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Nice Can

Finally! We get to see Liz Bishop's can(s).
Greg and Liz sure look fine sitting there together on WRGB ---and that Diet Pepsi can sitting behind them sure makes me thirsty. This wouldn't be the first time the station experimented with product placement, but if I were Pepsi, I'd insist on something a little more prominent. The reader who sent this along says the can appeared throughout last night's late news; I'll just assume the picture's authentic, but as you know, we're all about having fun being accurate here at Albany Eye.

A detailed close up of the phantom of the news set. You've probably heard by now that WRGB's NABET unit rejected the company's contract proposal in a 30-0 vote, so I'd guess that anything's possible over there this week. Don't expect something dramatic, like a strike or a lockout, but it could get interesting nonetheless.