Friday, December 09, 2005

Insert Here

Is Albany's cool alt-weekly dropping the special adults only advertising supplement?I picked up Metroland yesterday and did what I usually do: I reached for the adult advertising insert ---except this week it wasn't there!
Feeling totally ripped off, I grabbed another copy, and that one had no adult ads either, nor did the third and fourth copy I took off the stack. "WTF?", I asked myself. Then I looked in the back of the paper, and lo and behold, there is all the spicy stuff, printed right in the main section.

A while back, after much fanfare, Metroland created the adult insert as a way to separate the strip club ads, phone sex come-ons, and other sexually oriented stuff from the "legitimate" part of the paper. When they started running the Savage Love advice column, even this was relegated to the combat zone. It was probably put there to stop so many people from throwing the insert away, not because they thought it might be objectionable to their readers

Anyway, earlier this year I suggested that Metroland put the adult ads in the paper and print their news content in a disposable insert that can be easily discarded; maybe they're edging toward taking my advice.