Saturday, December 10, 2005

His 15 Minutes of Infamy

'I didn't do it.' Rather than seek redemption, Sam Patalino offers excuses.Wednesday morning, 78 year-old Sam Patalino was the front page poster boy of the Times Union Holiday Fund. By the end of the day he was Sam Patalino, convicted sex offender.

The controversy cast a minor shadow on the paper's campaign to help the elderly in need, but things happen and we all move on. Except for Mr. Patalino. The former song and dance man, who was convicted of molesting a ten year old boy in 1991, couldn't resist another day in the limelight and took his story to Capital News 9. Of his victim, he said:
"I took him to school for three years to Rensselaer. I took him to the Boys Club, I took him to the baseball games. Bought all of his clothes, his bikes. I did it all and I am going to abuse him? I want my name cleared before I die."
Some believe that this is the time for charity and forgiveness and redemption ---a special time when anything is possible. I believe that too, but in the case of Sam Patalino, I also believe that there's a time to just shut up and go away.