Monday, December 05, 2005

Goodbye, Valhalla

It used to be that radio stations were ramshackle places in weird locations. There was the legendary WQBK studio in Glenmont, where DJs were sometimes late for their shift because a train was rolling through (or stopped) at the crossing on Smultz Hill Road ---or WGNA's converted brick mansion up in East Greenbush. Now another of these character packed spots has been vacated, as PYX 106 has moved the last of their staffers out of the ugly concrete block building that was known as "The Bunker". The studios were just a minute off of Route 7, but it seemed like another world, surrounded by woods overlooking the Mohawk River. It is rumored that certain illicit plants grow wild in the brush around the back of the building.

Now, instead of deer and raccoons, the station's neighbors will be the real estate agents and stock brokers at the sterile Riverhill Center complex. Take a look at the photos of the old joint that Uncle Vito has on his website and imagine moving to a place where you're not even allowed to have a cup of coffee at your desk. No wonder radio is in trouble.