Friday, December 23, 2005

The Friday File

Aren't You What's-His-Name?
Don't miss John Gray's column in The Record this week charting all the roster changes in local TV news. There's some funny stuff in there, but I must say, the thought of Ken Screven plying young intern Gray with ice cream makes me feel all skeevy.

JR in the AM?
The rumor du jour? JR Gach may be headed for mornings ---despite the message on his website that suggests he may not return from vacation. Nature abhors a vacuum, and since Monday, morning radio has really sucked. 94 Rock may be handicapped by their relatively weak signal, but it's jump ball time for the Stern audience and there's opportunity for everyone.

Black Math
A reader wonders why the WQBK/WQBJ combo is now calling itself Q-103. That's an excellent question. Their frequencies are 103.9 and 103.5, so any sensible person would round that up to 104, not down to 103. The answer is simple: these guys didn't get into radio because they got good grades in math.