Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dead Air

I was all revved up to tell you how bad WQBK's new morning show is, but I'm afraid if I did that I'd be lying. After listening to Free Beer and Hot Wings this morning, I discovered that they're not really awful ---the syndicated show out of Grand Rapids is just incredibly boring. Theirs is the same schtick that goes on every morning in radio markets all over America. Drive from city to city and you'll hear this show, going by different names, at countless radio stations. Free Beer and Hot Wings is not bad radio, it's a case study in the lack of imagination and creativity that plagues broadcasting in America.

I did hear one funny thing yesterday morning. WQBK played a bumper that said, "It might be slightly offensive, but at least it's free!" They followed this with a spot for Radio Shack touting Sirus satellite radio. The break also contained three public service announcements, a number I predict will rise in coming months.