Friday, December 09, 2005


Banana Boy can not slip through the fingers of the Washington County Sheriff's Department.Thank God you can now find some of the Post Star online, otherwise we might have missed Banana Boy. Mr. Boy was arrested this week in Hudson Falls while shooting a segment for the weekly local TV show The Ravacon, seen Saturdays at 11pm on TV-8 in Glens Falls. As a videographer shot Banana Boy being accosted by a knife wielding attacker, Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Shawn Lovelace happened upon the scene, drew his weapon, and placed the group under arrest.

Regarding the incident, the Post-Star talked to legendary Albany ad man Jesse Jackson, who now owns TV-8:
Jackson said could not begin to describe the show but said the young men are very talented. "I've been in TV for a lot of years and I've never seen anything like them."
The Banana Boy crew say they've never had trouble before, but, "We do a lot of our stuff in South Glens Falls, and the police know us there."