Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Barks and Bytes

If you love dogs, Jon Katz is required reading.WAMC has plunged headlong into podcasting. Along with their taped productions, many of the station's live programs are now available for download just hours after they air. A great example is Tuesday's Vox Pop show with Jon Katz, a name you should know if you love dogs. Katz, who has a farm up in tiny West Hebron, has become America's dog guru, and his writing on dogs is as insightful (and touching) as anything you'll ever read.
On Vox Pop, Joe Donahue's monthly conversations with Katz are must-listen radio, and now you can do so any time you like ---or send it with someone you think should hear it. Wouldn't it be nice getting something valuable in your email, instead of the crap some people pass around?