Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sweeps Goes to the Dogs

Sweeps has been sort of disappointing, hasn't it? Fox 23 and WNYT seem to be the only ones interested in playing the ratings game anymore, and oddly, two of their more memorable stories both involve dogs: John Gray's brilliantly named Zombie Dogs and WNYT's story this week about police dogs. WRGB? The first thing they've done under the I-Team banner since May is about treats that may be dangerous for dogs. No dogs at WTEN ---unless you want to count the upcoming November book.

That's not supposed to be a popsicle our intern is sucking on. Get it? Huh?Our local stations need to take a lesson from Charlotte's Fox affiliate, WCCB. Here's the actual copy from a sweeps promo they were running in the pregame show of Sunday's Carolina Panthers game:
These local kids found God. They pledged abstinence. But now they're getting on their knees. And it definitely isn't to pray. ... They found a loophole in chastity. Don't worry about your kids' virginity. Worry about their oral fixation.
Wow! Now that's sweeps!