Friday, November 18, 2005

Off Limits

Albany County DA flack Richard Arthur really crossed the line in his press release this week about the sentencing of El-Rajab A. Ravenna on gun charges. Stating that "Members of Ravenna's family were upset with the sentence," Arthur went on to tout Soares' tough stance on gun felons. Very well, Mr. Arthur, and bravo to the DA ---but the Ravenna family's state of mind has no place in your press release. They haven't been convicted of anything, have they? Along a different vein is Mr. Arthur's account of a post-sentencing incident yesterday:
The victim's mother, who weighs in excess of 390 pounds, let out a wail and then proceeded to assault the victim until court officers intervened. The mother is currently being booked in Police Court for assault.
That certainly paints a vivid picture of what went down, but the mother's weight ---in a press release with your boss's name on it?

All this stuff is sort of amusing, but maybe the DA's office should stick to the facts of cases their handling. If Mr. Arthur wants to stoke the PR machine or tell lurid tales of the courtroom, he should do it somewhere else. Like in a blog, where he can be as unprofessional as he likes.