Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meet Greg Floyd

I started as Liz Bishop's boy intern and now I'm her sort of co-anchor.November sweeps are almost over, so we must be getting close to seeing Greg Floyd on WRGB.

Some of you may remember when the station introduced Joe Pagliarulo; they tried to pawn off Pags as some sort of local guy who'd come home to roost. That was a complete load of bunk and everybody knew it. Not so for Greg Floyd, who has deep roots in the Capital Region ---unlike the last couple of characters they've plopped down in that chair. They'll most likely play the local guy card with Floyd, perhaps even working a promo around his history with the station:
When Greg Floyd was Liz Bishop's intern, he dreamed that someday he'd be sitting right there next to her bringing you the news..."
What do you think? Maybe a shot of young Floyd bringing her coffee or rubbing her feet? Now that sounds like a kickass promo.