Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mark and the Mad Dogs

He's so good that blind people come to the park just to hear him pitch. -Reggie JacksonYou don't usually hear people standing around a museum exhibit second guessing the curator ---unless the exhibit is about sports and the curator is the TU's Mark McGuire.
McGuire was tapped by the State Museum to help create Miracle: New York's Greatest Sports Moments, which is being shown with the Smithsonian's traveling exhibit, Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers. Tonight, a panel of local sports reporters will rip apart analyze McGuire's top ten picks, which are on display now with such artifacts as '69 Met Jerry Koosman's pants. This being New York, feel free to show up drunk and shout out your own opinions, tonight at 7:30 in the Museum Theater.
Too bad they couldn't find Joe Namath's panty hose ---or Scott Norwood's head for you awful and pathetic Bills fans.

(Why no link? The museum's web site is messed up. Nice job.)