Friday, November 11, 2005

Joe Bruno'$ Big Buck Bonanza

Hey...Is that Shelly Silver I see over there?WMHT held a big grip and grin at their gigantic new North Greenbush facility Thursday ---the highlight of which was Joe Bruno handing the station another $500 thousand dollars of State money. Wow! It would take WAMC like three days to raise that kind of cash!
Said Bruno, "I am extremely pleased to have been able to help WMHT continue their fine tradition of public broadcasting in our communities." And in today's Record, he's quoted as saying, "I get the credit." You'd think it was his money.
Word on the street? The $500K was part of a deal to lure WMHT away from relocating in downtown Albany and into Rensselaer County. After all, that is how we define economic development around here: using taxpayer money to steal businesses from one county and moving them into another.

By the way, if you think a new building will help WMHT become a leader in local programming, as GM Deborah Onslow suggested in Mark McGuire's TU story today, you're wrong. Being locally relevant takes people and ideas, not square footage and money from Uncle Joe.