Saturday, November 12, 2005

Is That a Dream Catcher in Your Pocket...

That's gotta freakin hurt.When I heard WNYT's Benita Zahn explaining this yesterday at 5, I nearly fell out of my chair:
"A man from Troy is charged with setting his own apartment on fire Thursday morning. When police got to the house just before 9 a.m. they say they found 54-year-old John Halse naked behind the building. Police say he also had a dream catcher, which is a Native American cultural object, hanging from his genitalia."
Then came the sound bite of the week, from Troy detective and anthropologist Sgt. John Cooney:
"We feel there may be some type of symbolic significance to the fact that the defendant did have what's commonly referred to as a dream catcher, an ornamental figure, hanging from his genitalia."
"Neighbors say they couldn't believe their eyes." No kidding. The only place I've ever seen one of these hanging is from someone's rear view mirror, which also seems like a really stupid idea.