Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day Stew

Because not every story is an Election Day story. Don't be part of the problem, get out and vote.
Sweeps Stakes
November sweeps is not yet a week old, but friends, I believe we may have a winner in the race for most outrageous story. Fox 23 is running something called ZOMBIE DOGS tonight. It's a piece about using canines in experiments or something, but with a name like that, who cares? ZOMBIE DOGS!

Scavo. Brian Scavo
You've got to love this Brian Scavo character, who's running for alderman in Albany. When Scavo created his Law & Order Party, he needed to submit an icon to be used on the voting machines to represent his party line. For example, the Republican icon is an eagle. The Democrat icon is a star. The Law and Order icon? 007!
That's cool, but I would have made it a picture of Lenny Briscoe.

Notable Quotable
I'm not sure she realized it, but WROW morning newscaster Cynthia Senecal quoted Adolph Hitler yesterday morning. In a brief bit of chat with Paul Vandenburgh about the rioting in France, she quipped, "Is Paris Burning"? Thanks for the nice nod to us History Channel fans.

Rose Bud
Hey, it's Sue Nigra! The WRGB anchoress can be found on the College of St. Rose web site endorsing their communication program. Funny...I had her pegged as a New School grad.