Thursday, November 10, 2005

Election Day, Plus Two

The Florida 2000 of Election Night Coverage
The verdict on Tuesday night's local election coverage? Universally bad. Several people emailed with specific complaints about how awful it was, including one well known former reporter who wrote:
The anchors seemed flustered, the field reporting amateurish, perhaps the worst I've seen in 25 years. Where were all the veteran reporters? I only saw John McLoughlin in the field and he was assigned to Jennings and the outcome of his race was never in question.
Without knowing what was going on in the producer's chair it's not really fair to single out one station or to hammer anchors who appeared to be overwhelmed with confusion. Besides, it would take way too long. So who won the night? Nobody.

A total of 21,105 votes were cast in the Albany Mayoral election; that's less than the 21,838 votes Carl Touhey got against Erastus Corning in 1973. Does no one vote anymore? And for you young'uns out there, here's something you should have known: Carl Touhey is Alice Green's father in law.

The Electorate Reads Speaks
Author and historian Caleb Carr was soundly defeated in his bid for Rensselaer County legislature Tuesday. The author of The Alienist and Angel of Darkness netted 1470 of the 8678 votes cast in his district.
I can't figure out what happened, but I'm guessing some of them must have read his poorly received novel, Killing Time.

Mr. Fair and Balanced
Paul Vandenburgh was going on Tuesday morning about how he'd been avoiding election talk so he wouldn't influence your vote. Right. It couldn't be because he didn't want candidates pulling their money off WROW, could it?