Friday, November 04, 2005

DeAngelis of Darkness

They don't make them like Ernie Tetrault anymore.Did you notice the familiar voice on the radio spots for Robert Jacon, candidate for Rensselaer County Court Judge? It's former WRGB anchor Ernie Tetrault, who's been one of most vocal opponents of DA Patricia DeAngelis and her bid for the bench.
Along with Gazette columnist Carl Strock, Tetrault has been active with the organization Justice Now, an advocacy group that set its sights on DeAngelis, particularly over the Jack Carroll case.
In an email, Tetrault says he wishes he could de more to to advance Jacon's candidacy; on his public access cable show he's been the face of those against DeAngelis ---and now he is the voice.

Speaking of radio ads, the DeAngelis for judge spots talk about how she "worked her way up" to DA. Is that what you call being anointed by Joe Bruno... I mean appointed by Governor Pataki?