Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Circulatory System

Newspaper Guild employees at the Times Union wrapped up their contract fight with the paper over the weekend ---and not a moment too soon. As members were voting on their new pact, word was spreading on the dismal new nationwide figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
The TU foreshadowed the bad news on Saturday, announcing John DeAugustine as its new circulation director, a hired gun with a mandate to get the numbers up. TU General Manager Robert Wilson said: "I'd be tickled to have a gain in March and reverse those losses."
Translation: Listen, Johnny...It would be a real shame if those numbers aren't up by March, capisce?

As the Newspaper Association of America will aggressively tell you, circulation doesn't tell the whole story of readership and relevance. It's important to take into account how many people read each issue and online use ---not to mention the demographics of the readers.
If I were Mr. DeAugustine I'd get the circulation up anyway.