Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Check is In the Mailey

Oh, crap...We've told you about CBS 6 weatherman Tom Mailey's $40,000 part time job with Schenectady County. No big deal right? Now another Schenectady County legislator has been asking tough questions about Mailey's Office of Special Events gig: Mona Golub.
You may better know Mona as one of the Price Chopper Golubs, where she serves the family business as Director of Public Relations & Consumer Services ---and having run the excellent Second Wind Productions, she knows more than a little about special events. Golub wants to know how Mailey's spending the county's money and not getting many good answers.

If I were CBS 6 GM Bob Furlong, I wouldn't be comfortable with all this unwanted attention ---particularly not from someone with ties to one of my biggest advertisers.