Friday, November 25, 2005

Blow Up

How long before one of these lurching, helium filled, hell bags kills somebody?After several day of stories about the training of Macy's Parade balloon handlers in The Times, yesterday's celebration was marred by an accident that injured two members of an Albany family.
We joked about it yesterday, but now you have to wonder how they're going to deal with this balloon thing next year. People watching the coverage on NBC didn't hear Matt Lauer or Katie Couric utter a single word about the mishap ---in fact, at the point where the balloon should have been at the reviewing stand, the network cut to tape of the ill-fated M&M from last year's parade. Describing the M&Ms float, Al Roker intoned:
Will these classic candymen get out of this delicious dilemma?
No, Al. They will not.