Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Goodnight and Good Riddance

Pimping your story to tabloid TV has become the new American tradition.

I case you missed it, one of Beth Geisel's "victims" and his mother appeared on Inside Edition yesterday; today's Post carries a good account of the shameless story. Of note:
Asked whether Michael was paid for his story, an "Inside Edition" spokeswoman said "we don't comment on how we get our stories."

Sweeps Goes to the Dogs

Sweeps has been sort of disappointing, hasn't it? Fox 23 and WNYT seem to be the only ones interested in playing the ratings game anymore, and oddly, two of their more memorable stories both involve dogs: John Gray's brilliantly named Zombie Dogs and WNYT's story this week about police dogs. WRGB? The first thing they've done under the I-Team banner since May is about treats that may be dangerous for dogs. No dogs at WTEN ---unless you want to count the upcoming November book.

That's not supposed to be a popsicle our intern is sucking on. Get it? Huh?Our local stations need to take a lesson from Charlotte's Fox affiliate, WCCB. Here's the actual copy from a sweeps promo they were running in the pregame show of Sunday's Carolina Panthers game:
These local kids found God. They pledged abstinence. But now they're getting on their knees. And it definitely isn't to pray. ... They found a loophole in chastity. Don't worry about your kids' virginity. Worry about their oral fixation.
Wow! Now that's sweeps!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meet Greg Floyd

I started as Liz Bishop's boy intern and now I'm her sort of co-anchor.November sweeps are almost over, so we must be getting close to seeing Greg Floyd on WRGB.

Some of you may remember when the station introduced Joe Pagliarulo; they tried to pawn off Pags as some sort of local guy who'd come home to roost. That was a complete load of bunk and everybody knew it. Not so for Greg Floyd, who has deep roots in the Capital Region ---unlike the last couple of characters they've plopped down in that chair. They'll most likely play the local guy card with Floyd, perhaps even working a promo around his history with the station:
When Greg Floyd was Liz Bishop's intern, he dreamed that someday he'd be sitting right there next to her bringing you the news..."
What do you think? Maybe a shot of young Floyd bringing her coffee or rubbing her feet? Now that sounds like a kickass promo.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Minor Celebrity Rousted by Minor Fire

Tonight we're going to make over this house which I nearly burned to the ground.WTEN reports that Evan Farmer, host of TLC's While Your Were Out, beat a hasty retreat from his Greenfield house after a fire broke out in the garage last night. You may remember Farmer from Austin Powers Goldmember, in which he played Young Number Two. You don't remember that? Take my word for it, he was hilarious.
Farmer is said to have fled the house with his wife, who according to his TLC bio doesn't actually exist.

Cable Access 23

The area's best looking news team are stuck sitting on the market's ugliest set.I don't really give a flying hoot about news sets, but what the hell happened at Fox 23? When I first saw their recently redesigned set, I thought, "Oh...this must be temporary, you know, until the real news set arrives." Well, the real news set never arrived, and now they look like they're doing their show from the studio at Herkimer Community College.
Again, I'm not a production geek, but it looks cheap, cramped, and poorly lit ---sort of like my first apartment in Albany. Who knows, maybe with people who look like John Gray and Ann Hughes, they figure nobody's paying any attention to the set.

Either way, I thought this was supposed to be Tech Valley not Utica.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wreck On The Highway

A PYX 106 van was involved in an accident with a State Police cruiser yesterday. Capital News 9 says the vehicle was struck after pulling out in front of a Trooper pursuing a car thought to be involved in an earlier bank robbery. The driver of the van is said to have suffered minor injuries, and unconfirmed reports indicate that he was complaining to EMS crews of extreme thirst.
We reported in October that the Clear Channel has banned employees from drinking from open containers at their new headquarters on Route 7, but it's not known whether severe dehydration played a role in the accident.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Blow Up

How long before one of these lurching, helium filled, hell bags kills somebody?After several day of stories about the training of Macy's Parade balloon handlers in The Times, yesterday's celebration was marred by an accident that injured two members of an Albany family.
We joked about it yesterday, but now you have to wonder how they're going to deal with this balloon thing next year. People watching the coverage on NBC didn't hear Matt Lauer or Katie Couric utter a single word about the mishap ---in fact, at the point where the balloon should have been at the reviewing stand, the network cut to tape of the ill-fated M&M from last year's parade. Describing the M&Ms float, Al Roker intoned:
Will these classic candymen get out of this delicious dilemma?
No, Al. They will not.

Snapshots of a Disaster

My EP went to the Gulf Coast and all I got was a lousy live shot.Back in September, a crew from WNYT hit the road in a borrowed RV to do some Hurricane Katrina coverage from the Gulf Coast. You wouldn't leave for the story of the year without bringing your camera, and neither did executive producer Eric Hoppel, whose pictures from the trip can be found on his website. A tipster promised we'd find some racy shots of Benita Zahn, but no luck on that; instead you get an interesting peek at an unusual assignment, along with entries from the blog they kept during the trip.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The World on a String

Finally. A job that requires even less qualifications than being an op-ed columnist!When I was a kid nothing seemed more exciting than marching Bullwinkle down Central Park West in the Macy's Parade, like a Lilliputian leading a gigantic floating freak on a leash. (I threw the Swift reference in for Diane Cameron.)
After the terrible mishap in 1997 that left a woman seriously injured, Macy's assured us that the handlers would be rigorously instructed in the science of balloon wrangling, which includes heavy doses of aerodynamics and geometry. Yet one person at the end of the rope for the first time this year told the New York Times, "There's no, like, training."
Not, like, exactly. The 2000 or so handlers received this hilarious primer from parade organizers, that includes this caution:
Please do not inhale helium escaping from the balloon.
Now that would be surreal.

UPDATE: Well, there you have it. And how strange is it that this year's parade casualties are from Albany?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bird is the Word

No Stress, No Mess
Worried about dinner tomorrow? Calm down! Here are some reassuring words from New York Times food writer Kim Severson: No one remembers the turkey unless it's bad.

What Not to Make
Since 1971, NPR's Susan Stamberg has been sharing Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relish recipe at Thanksgiving time. Take my word for it, you do not want this revolting "Pepto Bismol pink" mess anywhere near your holiday table. If you'd like to want to impress everyone (with something other than being an NPR listener), buy a bag of fresh cranberries and follow the recipe on the back. If you insist on being exotic, throw in some walnuts.

Holiday Story Idea
From UAlbany:
What: The University at Albany Graduate Student Organization and office of International Student Services is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for international students who are unable to return home for the holiday.
When: Thursday 2:00 p.m.
Fifty dollars in cash to the person who shows up and asks this question: Since when do international students return home to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


No turkeys at WTEN. Except, of course, for the people running the place.Yesterday we told you how local newsrooms love the annual turkey carving demo from Price Chopper head Neil Golub ---well, it didn't take long for emails to start showing up about the turkey day massacre at WTEN. They mostly went like this one:
Apparently, at 9:30 am on Friday, one and one half hours before he (Golub) was supposed to arrive, the news director put the kibosh on the appearance, saying "It doesn't fit in with our news format."
Whoa. In the words of Lawrence -Lawrence from Office Space, not D.H. Lawrence- I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man. Do you really think news director Jerry Walsh would hang a big client (and his moist, delicious turkey) out to dry without the GM's OK? Neither do I.


The proud beaver, official New York State mammal. The Schodack Town Board has reached a compromise over the proposed Betty Beavers truck stop. Much to the displeasure of 13 year-old boys everywhere, the agreement will confine the operation's mascot, a "chesty cartoon beaver" to a small sign on the side of the building, rather than the huge and bulging signs that grace the truck stop's other locations. The TU's Bob Gardinier has clearly enjoyed himself covering this story:
Betty has a large flat tail, one paw poised on a shapely hip and the other holding a fuel nozzle while flashing a come-and-get-it grin. The beaver's exaggerated bosoms protrude out from the otherwise flat two-dimensional interior-lit sign.

Monday, November 21, 2005


How could I have forgotten this? Portions of Medium on NBC tonight are in 3-D. In my experience, the only thing worse than watching something in 3-D without the glasses is watching something in 3-D with the glasses.

She Wonders How it Ever Got This Crazy

Columnist Diane Cameron, the Times Union's resident intellectual, yesterday pointed out what she calls our loss of genuine thinking. She wrote:
We rely on information rather than on the messiness of thinking, mulling, reconsidering and being confused, which are at the heart of a genuine intellectual process.
The solution? Get off the media and pop culture and get back to literature and the classics ---can't argue with that. You've got to figure Ms. Cameron has been doing her part to get back to the classics; One line in her piece reads:
Did we get tired, or did we just get lazy?
That's almost a direct quote from the famous 20th century philosopher Glen Frey, in his Eagles song Lyin' Eyes:
Did she get tired, or did she just get lazy?
If that was a joke, it's brilliant; if not it's even funnier.

Still Mr. Turkey

What's the biggest event of the year in local TV newsrooms? Election night? Opening day at Saratoga? No, it's when Price Chopper's Neil Golub shows up with a truck full of food. For years, Golub has been demonstrating how to properly carve a turkey on newscasts during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. He's always invited back, not just because Price Chopper spends a lot of money on advertising, but because he brings enough food to feed everybody in the building. Let me tell you, the only thing TV people love more than a huge fire is a table full of free food.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Phish Phan Phreakout

Trey-tor!!!!I never got the whole Phish thing, but apparently some of the band's loyalists are really mad at guitarist Trey Anastasio for his role in the band's 2004 breakup. Just hours before Anastasio's Friday night gig at Albany's Palace Theatre (review here), someone spray painted anti-Trey graffiti all over the front of the theatre ---including messages that urged people to "stay away" from the show. WNYT reported the vandalism, but didn't really get into the whole we hate Trey thing, which all seems very un-mellow if you ask me.

The upside: This is the most interesting thing to happen at The Palace in about ten years.

Off Limits

Albany County DA flack Richard Arthur really crossed the line in his press release this week about the sentencing of El-Rajab A. Ravenna on gun charges. Stating that "Members of Ravenna's family were upset with the sentence," Arthur went on to tout Soares' tough stance on gun felons. Very well, Mr. Arthur, and bravo to the DA ---but the Ravenna family's state of mind has no place in your press release. They haven't been convicted of anything, have they? Along a different vein is Mr. Arthur's account of a post-sentencing incident yesterday:
The victim's mother, who weighs in excess of 390 pounds, let out a wail and then proceeded to assault the victim until court officers intervened. The mother is currently being booked in Police Court for assault.
That certainly paints a vivid picture of what went down, but the mother's weight ---in a press release with your boss's name on it?

All this stuff is sort of amusing, but maybe the DA's office should stick to the facts of cases their handling. If Mr. Arthur wants to stoke the PR machine or tell lurid tales of the courtroom, he should do it somewhere else. Like in a blog, where he can be as unprofessional as he likes.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Free Food Friday!

What do hard working journalists love? Free food. In case you missed this press release, lunch Friday is on the folks at Ed Lewi. Bring your friends:
WHAT: Several of Saratoga's most talented chefs and celebrated restaurateurs will come together to announce an exciting, and scrumptious, culinary event to be held in Saratoga.
WHEN: Friday, November 18 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: Saratoga Springs City Center (Lobby)
DETAILS: A news conference, photo opportunity, and a "tasting" to announce details of a special, limited-time program involving Saratoga's finest chefs and restaurants.

Friends In Low Places

WMHT GM Deborah Onslow has loads of new pals now that she's moved from dreary Rotterdam to the gravitational center of Tech Valley. Joe Bruno is one new buddy ---and another is Corporation for Public Broadcasting head Patricia Harrison.
Just days after coming to town to fete WMHT's palatial new digs in Rensselaer County, Harrison was in the news for her connection to former CPB president Ken Tomlinson. You remember Mr. Tomlinson ---he's the political hack who tried swaying PBS and NPR to the right. A new internal report now says that Tomlinson violated CPB ethics standards in his campaign to place Harrison in charge. Harrison's prime qualification for this important position? She was co-chair of the Republican National Committee from 1997 to 2001.

By the way, look at this Tomlinson, guy...I thought only liberals had beards?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stern Replacement?

Rumors are circulating that The Edge will replace Howard Stern in Albany with Free Beer and Hot Wings, a morning show out of Grand Rapids. Regent VP Bob Ausfeld said earlier this month that "Everything is on the table." From the sound of these clowns from Michigan, it may be his head that's on the table.

(Earlier in Albany Eye)

The Readers Speak

May I see you in my chambers, counselor?Last week we asked why you're disappointed that Trish DeAngelis didn't win her race for Rensselaer County Court Judge. While this poll wasn't very scientific, it provides a revealing glimpse at the sort of people who read Albany Eye.

The Siena Research Institute we ain't, but at least we would never use flashing text on our web site. You have to maintain some credibility, right?


Snausages are sausage shaped bite-sized treats for dogs, OK?Here's the guy that Colonie Police say was exposing himself recently in the Hannaford on Wolf Road. I don't know about you, but being around canned dog food gets me sexed up every time. The full video clip that the cops handed out is quite a bit more revealing, but none of my sources can confirm whether the unidentified suspect had any Native American cultural objects hanging from his junk.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Swag Bag Full of Irony

Always the gracious host, WMHT GM Deborah Onslow made sure no one walked away empty handed from her big open house last week. Inside the goodie bags were DVDs of WMHT programs, like Historic Views of the Electric City, and Flood of Light, the excellent documentary about the Capitol restoration project. It's good to know that Onslow still appreciates the hard work of Steve Dunn, who wrote and directed those and other WMHT productions. He was among those Onslow let go in 2003 to help pay for the move to their new $20 million dollar facility in North Greenbush.

Mark and the Mad Dogs

He's so good that blind people come to the park just to hear him pitch. -Reggie JacksonYou don't usually hear people standing around a museum exhibit second guessing the curator ---unless the exhibit is about sports and the curator is the TU's Mark McGuire.
McGuire was tapped by the State Museum to help create Miracle: New York's Greatest Sports Moments, which is being shown with the Smithsonian's traveling exhibit, Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers. Tonight, a panel of local sports reporters will rip apart analyze McGuire's top ten picks, which are on display now with such artifacts as '69 Met Jerry Koosman's pants. This being New York, feel free to show up drunk and shout out your own opinions, tonight at 7:30 in the Museum Theater.
Too bad they couldn't find Joe Namath's panty hose ---or Scott Norwood's head for you awful and pathetic Bills fans.

(Why no link? The museum's web site is messed up. Nice job.)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

More News After This

This is what the TU really thinks of local TV news.The Times Union wants you (and its advertisers) to know that it's not just newspapers who are having problems.
In a big front page Sunday spread, Mark McGuire details how more local TV news content means less market share for area stations. True, but the piece misses the most important fact about local TV news: it continues to be very profitable. Why do you think we have two hours of local news in the morning instead of half an hour? Ninety minutes every afternoon instead of thirty? It's not to cultivate a more informed public, it's to grow places where they can put commercials. When the newspaper wants to run more ads they print more pages. TV stations? They put more local news on the air. It's plain and simple, unlike the statistics cited in the story:
Here's one chilling statistic for Albany area TV newsrooms: In 1990, 84 percent of area residents watching television at 6 p.m. were tuned in to a local newscast on the Big Three local stations. That number has fallen to 57 percent today.
That's not so chilling when you consider that there are now 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. newscasts for viewers to choose ---it's sort of like saying 100 percent more area residents watch local news at 10 p.m. than before Fox 23 introduced local news at 10 p.m.

And how funny is that "3 News" photo illustration accompanying the story? How could you not love the newspaper?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Is That a Dream Catcher in Your Pocket...

That's gotta freakin hurt.When I heard WNYT's Benita Zahn explaining this yesterday at 5, I nearly fell out of my chair:
"A man from Troy is charged with setting his own apartment on fire Thursday morning. When police got to the house just before 9 a.m. they say they found 54-year-old John Halse naked behind the building. Police say he also had a dream catcher, which is a Native American cultural object, hanging from his genitalia."
Then came the sound bite of the week, from Troy detective and anthropologist Sgt. John Cooney:
"We feel there may be some type of symbolic significance to the fact that the defendant did have what's commonly referred to as a dream catcher, an ornamental figure, hanging from his genitalia."
"Neighbors say they couldn't believe their eyes." No kidding. The only place I've ever seen one of these hanging is from someone's rear view mirror, which also seems like a really stupid idea.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Joe Bruno'$ Big Buck Bonanza

Hey...Is that Shelly Silver I see over there?WMHT held a big grip and grin at their gigantic new North Greenbush facility Thursday ---the highlight of which was Joe Bruno handing the station another $500 thousand dollars of State money. Wow! It would take WAMC like three days to raise that kind of cash!
Said Bruno, "I am extremely pleased to have been able to help WMHT continue their fine tradition of public broadcasting in our communities." And in today's Record, he's quoted as saying, "I get the credit." You'd think it was his money.
Word on the street? The $500K was part of a deal to lure WMHT away from relocating in downtown Albany and into Rensselaer County. After all, that is how we define economic development around here: using taxpayer money to steal businesses from one county and moving them into another.

By the way, if you think a new building will help WMHT become a leader in local programming, as GM Deborah Onslow suggested in Mark McGuire's TU story today, you're wrong. Being locally relevant takes people and ideas, not square footage and money from Uncle Joe.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Election Day, Plus Two

The Florida 2000 of Election Night Coverage
The verdict on Tuesday night's local election coverage? Universally bad. Several people emailed with specific complaints about how awful it was, including one well known former reporter who wrote:
The anchors seemed flustered, the field reporting amateurish, perhaps the worst I've seen in 25 years. Where were all the veteran reporters? I only saw John McLoughlin in the field and he was assigned to Jennings and the outcome of his race was never in question.
Without knowing what was going on in the producer's chair it's not really fair to single out one station or to hammer anchors who appeared to be overwhelmed with confusion. Besides, it would take way too long. So who won the night? Nobody.

A total of 21,105 votes were cast in the Albany Mayoral election; that's less than the 21,838 votes Carl Touhey got against Erastus Corning in 1973. Does no one vote anymore? And for you young'uns out there, here's something you should have known: Carl Touhey is Alice Green's father in law.

The Electorate Reads Speaks
Author and historian Caleb Carr was soundly defeated in his bid for Rensselaer County legislature Tuesday. The author of The Alienist and Angel of Darkness netted 1470 of the 8678 votes cast in his district.
I can't figure out what happened, but I'm guessing some of them must have read his poorly received novel, Killing Time.

Mr. Fair and Balanced
Paul Vandenburgh was going on Tuesday morning about how he'd been avoiding election talk so he wouldn't influence your vote. Right. It couldn't be because he didn't want candidates pulling their money off WROW, could it?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Circulatory System

Newspaper Guild employees at the Times Union wrapped up their contract fight with the paper over the weekend ---and not a moment too soon. As members were voting on their new pact, word was spreading on the dismal new nationwide figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
The TU foreshadowed the bad news on Saturday, announcing John DeAugustine as its new circulation director, a hired gun with a mandate to get the numbers up. TU General Manager Robert Wilson said: "I'd be tickled to have a gain in March and reverse those losses."
Translation: Listen, Johnny...It would be a real shame if those numbers aren't up by March, capisce?

As the Newspaper Association of America will aggressively tell you, circulation doesn't tell the whole story of readership and relevance. It's important to take into account how many people read each issue and online use ---not to mention the demographics of the readers.
If I were Mr. DeAugustine I'd get the circulation up anyway.

VJ Day

WTEN owner Young Broadcasting posted a decent 3d quarter, which is good news indeed. The bad news? This snippet from the company's press release:
WKRN-TV (Nashville) and KRON-TV (San Francisco) have begun implementing the revolutionary "video journalist" approach to gathering local news. When fully implemented, this system will enable the Company's stations to expand the number of unique stories on news broadcasts, which studies have shown is important in attracting audiences.
In case you're wondering , a "video journalist" is a one man band operation that reduces the traditional reporter/photographer combo by half. If a guy named Michael Rosenblum visits your news room, watch out! He's there to help the boss cut more jobs.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day Stew

Because not every story is an Election Day story. Don't be part of the problem, get out and vote.
Sweeps Stakes
November sweeps is not yet a week old, but friends, I believe we may have a winner in the race for most outrageous story. Fox 23 is running something called ZOMBIE DOGS tonight. It's a piece about using canines in experiments or something, but with a name like that, who cares? ZOMBIE DOGS!

Scavo. Brian Scavo
You've got to love this Brian Scavo character, who's running for alderman in Albany. When Scavo created his Law & Order Party, he needed to submit an icon to be used on the voting machines to represent his party line. For example, the Republican icon is an eagle. The Democrat icon is a star. The Law and Order icon? 007!
That's cool, but I would have made it a picture of Lenny Briscoe.

Notable Quotable
I'm not sure she realized it, but WROW morning newscaster Cynthia Senecal quoted Adolph Hitler yesterday morning. In a brief bit of chat with Paul Vandenburgh about the rioting in France, she quipped, "Is Paris Burning"? Thanks for the nice nod to us History Channel fans.

Rose Bud
Hey, it's Sue Nigra! The WRGB anchoress can be found on the College of St. Rose web site endorsing their communication program. Funny...I had her pegged as a New School grad.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Porco Pics

Chris Porco being paraded before the media on Friday.Judge Jeffrey Berry allowed a TV news camera in the courtroom to provide pool coverage of Christopher Porco's arraignment on Friday, but he stipulated that it was only there to provide still images of the proceedings. If it's OK to allow cameras in to show images of the arraignment, how much different is it to allow the use of full video and sound? Not much, by my judgment. If anything, Berry made matters worse.

What the Judge did Friday was limit the usable images of Christopher Porco to the ones shot outside the courtroom, essentially those that show him being lead around in shackles by sheriff's deputies. Is this supposed to help preserve the presumption of Mr. Porco's innocence? Opponents of cameras in the courts say they want to prevent trials from becoming a media circus; What they've actually done is turned the front steps and corridors of our courts into freak shows. Where would you rather have your client seen? In the calm, controlled setting of the courtroom ---or in chains, being chased down the hall by a pack of photographers?

The beast will be fed, one way or another. Why not do it where you can exercise some control over things?

Friday, November 04, 2005

DeAngelis of Darkness

They don't make them like Ernie Tetrault anymore.Did you notice the familiar voice on the radio spots for Robert Jacon, candidate for Rensselaer County Court Judge? It's former WRGB anchor Ernie Tetrault, who's been one of most vocal opponents of DA Patricia DeAngelis and her bid for the bench.
Along with Gazette columnist Carl Strock, Tetrault has been active with the organization Justice Now, an advocacy group that set its sights on DeAngelis, particularly over the Jack Carroll case.
In an email, Tetrault says he wishes he could de more to to advance Jacon's candidacy; on his public access cable show he's been the face of those against DeAngelis ---and now he is the voice.

Speaking of radio ads, the DeAngelis for judge spots talk about how she "worked her way up" to DA. Is that what you call being anointed by Joe Bruno... I mean appointed by Governor Pataki?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Invasion of the B-Listers

I mean, not many girls in contemporary American society today would give their underwear to help a geek like me.Anthony Michael Hall. Was he BIG in the Eighties, or what? The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science... To me he'll always be that Anthony Michael Hall, you know, the one with Molly Ringwald's panties ---not the rugged AMH of Dead Zone. Anyway, Hall is the latest in a parade of second tier celebrities to hit the area recently, which has suddenly become the independent film capital of New York. Other not so big names that you could bump into at Uncommon Grounds recently have included Tom Arnold, Tim Daly, Christopher Penn, and numerous others.
Penn was in Reservoir Dogs; Tim Daly knows Monk. Tom Arnold is Tom Arnold.

Shoot the Boot

Rugby in Albany's been getting lots of attention lately, most recently in an AP story by Michael Virtanen about the Albany Knickerbocker's Old Boys team. When you reach a certain time of your life, you love hearing stories like this one, about graying guys who still go out there and kick some butt. That's what makes Roger Clemens so cool; when you're his age and can still throw a scary ball there's hope for the rest of us. Darcy Downie, whose 43 year-old husband plays on the Old Boys squad summed it up neatly:
Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Check is In the Mailey

Oh, crap...We've told you about CBS 6 weatherman Tom Mailey's $40,000 part time job with Schenectady County. No big deal right? Now another Schenectady County legislator has been asking tough questions about Mailey's Office of Special Events gig: Mona Golub.
You may better know Mona as one of the Price Chopper Golubs, where she serves the family business as Director of Public Relations & Consumer Services ---and having run the excellent Second Wind Productions, she knows more than a little about special events. Golub wants to know how Mailey's spending the county's money and not getting many good answers.

If I were CBS 6 GM Bob Furlong, I wouldn't be comfortable with all this unwanted attention ---particularly not from someone with ties to one of my biggest advertisers.

$1,000,000 or Best Offer

Convicted murderer Raymond DiLorenzo, during happier times.Convicted murderer Raymond DiLorenzo is reportedly offering an exclusive interview to the first media outlet that will pony up one million dollars. That sounds a litle steep, about $50 and a carton of Newports? Have your attorney email me here by close of business and you've got a deal.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

We should be so lucky.

WROW's Paul Vandenburgh was in America's gambling capital Monday morning, wrapping up his series of three hour long commercials fascinating and informative shows from the Green Valley Ranch. It sounded like Sin City was catching up with the morning talk host Monday; First he commented that Andy Warhol must still be getting millions from Campbell Soup for "designing" their soup cans. Right. Then he repeatedly referred to Wallace and Gromit as Wallace and Gomit. And on top of that, he fell into calling Joan Porco "Mamma" again.
Don't get me wrong, I say stupid things all day long, but I'm not on the radio ---and I sort of expect those who are to be a little sharper than I am.

FLASH: Winter Approaching

You won't be laughing when you can see your breath in the kitchen.
Really? My calendar says seven weeks... Stupid calendar! And I'll be turning up the heat? No way! And the bills will be tough to pay? Oh, crap, not again...I was kind of hoping this would be the winter where we finally have 60 degree weather. Thanks a lot, Capital News 9.