Tuesday, October 11, 2005

TV Guide Grows Up

TV GUIDE Goes LargeLike a lot of people, I grew up with TV Guide kicking around the house. In fact, I remember eagerly waiting for the arrival of the magazine's annual fall preview edition, my gateway to the exciting new TV season. How sad is that? Maybe if I'd spent more time trying to do the New York Times crossword puzzle instead of the one in TV Guide, I wouldn't be here today.

After 52 years TV guide is going big, abandoning its familiar small dimensions and becoming a full-size magazine. TV Guide's circulation has been in a steady downward spiral for years. First newspapers stole away many of their eyeballs with free weekly inserts like the TU's ON TV book; now, with the advent of sophisticated, surfable grids on digital cable, all printed listings are becoming archaic. Printed listings remain popular with the older audience, and those slow to embrace new technology, like yours truly.

This week's final small format editions pay tribute to the classics, with today's stars recreating famous TV Guide covers from the past.