Saturday, October 08, 2005

Stems and Seeds

Joe Pags, Eh?
Joe Pagliarulo's hoping that Canadians find his voice as rich as poutine and as sweet as maple syrup. The former CBS 6 (union busters) anchor is now chasing VO work, and being repped across the border by an Ontario firm that describes him thusly:
"Joe Pagliarulo's voice is astonishing and enthralling. His Herculean voice beams, muscling it's way through as a clear, unrivaled force to be reckoned with."
Only We Can Do That To Our Employees
Another attack on the media this week, and I'm not speaking figuratively. WTEN photog Marty Miller, who's well known in the news business for his tenacious pursuit of breaking news and sleeping in a room full of scanners, was assaulted by the owner of a truck involved in a fatal accident at a Bolton landing construction site. I'd say "allegedly assaulted", except the incident was captured on tape and shown repeatedly on WNYT and Fox 23. Donald Kingsley was charged Friday with harassment and criminal mischief.

All About Alan
The delighfully ubiquitous Alan Chartock graces the front page of this week's Business Review. The profile addresses a question on the mind of many listeners, namely how long will the station's 64 year-old leader hang in there? The answer: "Until they take me out by my boots".

Also in the paper this week: a bland assessment of the local TV business climate that makes the point (stop the presses!) that viewers have more choices these days. What it doesn't mention? The bad situation at WTEN. This isn't the first time Business Review Barbara Pinkney has chosen to ignore what's going on over on Northern Boulevard.