Monday, October 03, 2005

Spelling It Out

WRGB General Manager Bob Furlong laid down the law to NABET members last week, in a letter detailing changes in the TV that business justify his draconian 15% wage cut.
In response, NABET quotes a recent Freedom Communications annual report as calling WRGB's 2004 a “fantastic year”, and that, “Growing audiences and growing profits at the same time is what 2004 was all about.”

Furlong also took a cheap shot at NABET Local 21's president, WNYT Reporter Bill Lambdin:
It is sad that you are being misled by an individual from another television station and the union. What is their vested interest in this negotiation? The individual from the other station gets to knock off a competitor and use you to try and improve his position at the next WNYT negotiation. At no threat of losing his job or having to put up with a strike. The union is stretching out the negotiations telling you that by trashing the station in public we will be more agreeable.