Monday, October 10, 2005

Reader's Corner

Albany Eye begins with you, so we're always interested in what our readers are thinking about, no matter how strange or mundane.

Jeepers Peepers
One frequent correspondent is being driven mad by the term leaf peeping and wishes to see it banned by editors everywhere. When I hear the word peep, I think of someone looking through your window at night, or those delicious chick shaped marshmallow treats. Anyway, the writer kvetched that a certain large well known local daily paper recently contained an article that had something like a dozen references to leaf peeping, leaf peepers, and peeping at leaves ---and, he says, all other area media are guilty of the same.
I must ask you, Mr. Name withheld, is it really the use of leaf peeping that troubles you, or is it those peeping leaves? From Wikipedia:
A person who leaf peeps is called a leaf peeper. Leaf peepers are often tourists and are known for driving slowly on public roads.
I's say anyone who's ever driven up Vermont Route 7 on a Saturday in October, hates leaf peepers.

A Clear Channel radio employee has written to tell us about the no-beverage policy in their spankin' new headquarters up on Route 7. Apparently, there are no open containers permitted anywhere in the building, except, presumably, the lunch room. Please! How are they going to afford to buy up more local radio stations if they have Carpet Master up there cleaning coffee out of the rugs every other day? Maybe next the coffee and soda drinkers will be banished to the outdoors, like the smokers. Seriously ----who do they think they are, Siena College?

Finally, a couple of people sent me this, which strikes me as the sort of story reporters tell when the sit around the campfire:
ROWLEY, Mass. --A reporter for Rowley's weekly newspaper died after her car collided with a van carrying disabled adults. The crash that killed 49-year-old Liz Ichizawa occurred Tuesday at the intersection of Route 1 and Wethersfield Street. Ichizawa, who worked for The Town Common newspaper, had recently written a posthumous profile of longtime Rowley resident Margaret Smith, who was killed in an accident at the same intersection in July.