Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rachael Gray

Hey, pal...It's RACHAEL!John Gray's pretty sure he had a shot at Rachael Ray ---him and every guy who ever saw her doing food demos at their neighborhood Price Chopper, even the short, bald, married guys. Take my word for it. Truth be told, he had a better chance than most.
John's column in The Record this morning tells about an encounter with Ray several years ago at Guptill's. He was skating, she was shooting a story for WRGB. He held her hand, she skated her way through a shaky stand-up... In Hollywood, this is known as meet cute. I'd say it sounds like Cameron Crowe, except John writes that REO Speedwagon was playing; Cameron Crowe would never use such a patently un-cool band in one of his movies.

Any chance John had with her is now gone, not because she's married, but because he spelled her name wrong in today's piece. It's Rachael, not Rachel. Oops.