Saturday, October 15, 2005

Quotes from the Week That Was

I can't stand seeing coppers on horsies.
-WROW's Paul Vandenburgh, expressing his disdain for mounted police patrols.

They are taking the cross-town bus.
-Amber Alert test message accidentally played statewide on Sunday.

When someone yells fire in a movie theater, does everyone stand around and wait until it's verified?
-Explaining the false Amber Alert to the TU, a State Police spokesman hilariously misused Oliver Wendell Holmes' famous passage from Schenck v. US.

I wasn't drunk, I was upset. They shouldn't accuse me unless they have evidence. It pisses me off they do this low-life stuff.
-Hebron Town Supervisor Ken Talkington, on been accused of being drunk at a town budget meeting.

He lies better than he drinks, and he's a pretty good drinker.
-Hebron Town Board member Brian Campbell on Ken Talkington.

Each horn dog must complete a day of community service, and Conlon was ordered into drug treatment.
-From the Post's story about a couple arrested for fornicating on a Brooklyn street.