Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Got a Rock

You're crazy, Linus. I say the Sox in five.I think you can pass on the first inning of tonight's World Series game (will they even manage to throw the first pitch by 8:30?) to watch the best holiday special ever: It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (8pm WTEN-ABC). Sit with your little ones and show them what you looked forward to all year long, before there were three channels of kid TV on demand. Kids too jaded and cynical? Watch it yourself and remember what it was like when this was must see TV for every fifth grader.
United Features TV writer Kevin McDonough wonders if The Great Pumpkin could get on TV today:
Just as "A Charlie Brown Christmas" would be considered too religious by contemporary standards, "Great Pumpkin" trades in themes some might consider dangerously pagan or pantheistic. After all, the blanket-clutching Linus professes a personal belief in an autumn squash with higher powers.