Monday, October 17, 2005

Girl Power

SoccergirlThe internet, it has been said, will not make everyone famous for 15 minutes, but famous to 15 people.
There are exceptions, of course ---in fact, one of the web's biggest celebrities works right in our backyard. Soccergirl (you may not want to click this link at work unless it's for journalistic reasons), is the 26 year-old internet sensation from Germantown whose podcasts rank among the most popular on Apple's iTunes service. Her profile begins:
Confident and busty, I don't like to keep my best features under wraps.
Indeed. There's no shortage of revealing pictures at Soccergirl's home page, but it's also where you find her "shows", mesmerizing blends of original music, interviews, rambling sexy stories, and monologues. As you might imagine, she's pretty excited about the whole video iPod thing. It's all a little rough around the edges ---don't expect WAMC's Roundtable, unless you expect to tune in someday and hear Susan Arbetter in the bathtub.
Why is she so popular? Soccergirl, who lists her occupation as archival librarian (and exhibitionist), is like that really smart girl from high school who came back from her first year in college a complete freak. Brilliant, beautiful, and way out of control.