Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Notes

To Paul Vandenburgh:
The vast majority of your listeners don't want to hear about your friend (and client), Sprint manager Drew DiNovo. Your stories about him aren't funny, and none of this schtick, like today's "going away party" is the least bit interesting. Don't take it personally; I don't blame you for not knowing it stinks and I don't expect anyone over there to tell you.

The Many Faces of Alan
Don't rely on the TU's online version for today's story about Alan Chartock and the WAMC fund drive, because for the full effect, you really need to see the pictures. I have to agree with Alan that the paper has given the station's fund drives short shrift in the past; today's story by Mark "Black Hat" McGuire more than makes up for the lack of notice.

The latest addition to WTEN's weather staff has one of the greatest names I've heard on TV in recent memory: Katie Virtue. Does that sound like something out of Brenda Starr, or what?