Friday, October 28, 2005


Saying it takes up too much time and has become much less fun, the author of political blog Democracy in Albany has announced he's closing up shop after the election day.
Metroland named the web site best local blog earlier this year, calling it, "The most consistent and insightful forum on the Web for discussing the issues affecting the Capital Region."
This is bad news for hardcore local politics junkies.
You could count on Democracy in Albany to keep you on top of things, like the recent battle over charter reform and the upcoming election. DIA was particularly effective in keeping an eye on Jerry Jennings, offering a near daily critique of the mayor and the Albany power structure. As you might imagine, Jennings wasn't too crazy about that.
The blog wasn't just DIA's musings on the state of things; the site attracted a stable of interesting and articulate contributors who weren't shy about butting heads. Maybe one of them will pick up the torch.