Thursday, October 27, 2005

CC Socked by Stinky Earnings

Hey, Don Weeks! You leave your shoes OUTSIDE.Wow! Clear Channel really took a nose dive in the third quarter, with their net income dropping by a whopping 21%. I'm no bean counter, but even I know that's not good.
On the heels of this news, we've heard that in addition to banning open containers at their spiffy new headquarters on Route 7, the boss is now insisting that people remove their shoes when entering the building. This will not only reduce wear and tear on the carpeting but contribute to a clean and casual workplace. Coming soon: vinyl slip covers.

Loosely related, former WTEN sports director Dan Murphy has landed a two hour afternoon slot on WOFX. His show, Murphy's Law will air in that highly lucrative 3pm to 5pm time period.