Monday, October 24, 2005


While I'm not a big fan of listening to newscasters on WROW read stories out of the daily paper, I really love watching Washington Journal ---particularly on Fridays when it's hosted by C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb.
Washington Journal is the anti-morning show, and Lamb the anti-TV personality who has never uttered his own name on the cable network he helped found in 1979. Some find Lamb a bit dry, but he's the best interviewer in television, stripping away the showboat theatrics of the Katie Courics of the world and getting down to business.
Brian Lamb's idea of fun is visiting the gravesites of U.S. presidents and vice -presidents, which spawned his book, Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb, so you may catch him at the Chester Arthur grave in Albany Rural Cemetery today ---or you can see him appearing at 2pm in the Recital Hall of the Performing Arts Center at the UAlbany uptown campus. On the agenda? History, the media and democracy. I expect you should be able to find seats, since most UAlbany students don't watch a whole lot of C-SPAN.
You can also catch him at The Egg tonight at 7:30 where he'll receive the Empire State Archives and History Award, take part in a discussion and a little Q & A. The event is free.