Thursday, October 13, 2005

Anchorless in Albany

WRGB in Albany, NY is looking for anchor to team up with our established female anchor on our 6pm and 11pm newscast.
Maybe they should change that to still looking. WRGB is staring down the barrel of November sweeps and they still haven't managed to fill that empty anchor chair. It was rumored that Jerry Gretzinger and Greg Floyd were in the running, but nothing's happened on that front ---and a well placed source says that CBS 6's front runner for the slot turned them down cold.
This isn't a good time to be making the hire, either. For years, the TV industry has faced an acute shortage of male anchors, especially those that convey the right touch of experienced confidence. In smaller markets, you frequently see an older man anchoring with a young woman; we could well end up with the opposite situation here, but if they don't hurry it will look more like Harold and Maude than Demi and Ashton.