Saturday, September 17, 2005

Utterly Eliot

We know when a man can't milk a cow and this man can't milk a cow.
That's what Assemblyman Pat Manning said about Eliot Spitzer Friday, after announcing he was joining the increasingly crowded race for governor. I'm not sure if Manning was speaking literally, but he's right: I can't imagine Eliot Spitzer milking a cow. Nor John Faso or William Weld, for that matter. Randy Daniels? Nope.
Farmers are among the smartest and most competent people I've ever known, and while there's a big difference between living on a farm and being a farmer, I can see Pat Manning milking a cow.
A long shot? Absolutely ---but the 6' 11" Manning may well be the only man in New York who can capture the imagination of New York voters.