Saturday, September 10, 2005

Road Trip II

WNYT's Katrina crew continues to file reports from the Gulf Coast ---and make entries to their Gulfport Journal blog, like this from Benita Zahn:
The sun rises and the day looks glorious. Perfect beach weather. Except the beach here in Gulfport is blighted. The homes along much of the coastline are simply gone. Not flattened...but gone...and the materials that made up the homes, blown to towns far away.
I don't know...Considering some of the beaches I was on this Summer, that actually sounds pretty good.
Then there's executive producer Eric Hoppel, who let some guy named "Sonny" break the RV the station borrowed:
It wasn't long after that when "Sonny" showed up. For a small fee, he was willing to empty the waste water from the RV and re-fill our fresh water tanks. I helped him empty the tanks. He helped me open the locked storage compartments on the RV. (Apologies to the Alpin Haus folks. The key is broken off inside one of the locks.)
Someone will have some explaining to do back at the home office.