Monday, September 26, 2005

Phantom Pholly Phollow-Up

The coverage of Phantom Phriday in CBS 6's morning news was even worse than I expected.

Reporter Marci Natale appeared through the morning, waving around Phantom tickets, interviewing Phantom phans, and pumping up the event as "the biggest show ever to hit Schenectady". During the 8:25 cut-in, she was actually even wearing a Phantom hat, and saying that 80,000 tickets for the 30 or so performances wouldn't last long.
Don't get me wrong: I'm not blaming her for this sales department manufactured "news" story. Would you expect the recently hired Natale to complain about this humiliating assignment to news director Beau Duffy? Me neither. He's the one that gave this the OK, and when the sales weasels are calling the shots in your news room, you'd better go along to get along.