Saturday, September 24, 2005


Ach Du Lieber!
After Mark Bardack's incessant barrage of press releases, I will attend Oktoberfest at the Great Escape, even though it's only September. What really caught my eye was the promise of "beer inspired events". I'm sure that my idea of beer inspired events and The Great Escape's idea of beer inspired events are not the same thing, but whatever.

You Go Girl
The Martha Stewart Apprentice proved a huge disappointment for ratings hungry NBC execs this week. Did anyone tune into see former CBS 6 morning reporter Shawn Killinger? Killinger recently told TV Guide that she wants to be "the white Oprah". Let's hope she isn't among the first to hear Stewart's version of Trump's "You're Fired", the lame catchphrase, "You just don't fit in".

Unwrapping Trojan Politics
There's a website for everything these days, so naturally someone's blogging about Collar City pols. The Troy Polloi is a sharp-tongued journal that chronicles the arcane ins and outs of the city's political scene. For the sake of comparison, it's a lot funnier than Democracy in Albany and a lot less long-winded.

You Deserve a Break Today
Tired of schlepping that camera around? Sick of the story you've been assigned? Got yourself a case of the Saturdays? Stop by Stewart's and get a $.60 sundae, all day today. You deserve it.