Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just Give Me Something I Can Use

The promo for this week's Media Project promised some sort of dust up between Rex Smith and Lydia Kulbida; It was actually sort of contentious by the show's usual standards.
Rex said that the hurricanes may have been TV's story*, but the recovery is a print story. Why? Because of the time and patience required to cover the latter ---and once the great video has all been shot, the TV operations will pack up and move on. Lydia was indignant at this affront to the electronic media, because after all, she's there to defend TV news.
The truth is that Rex is probably right. If anyone wants further convincing, they should read David Carr's piece in Monday's Times, titled A Story Better Told in Print. And if you want even more convincing, look at how once the statues had fallen and the rolling live shots were over, TV pretty much abandoned the Iraq War story.
Now, if you want to have some real fireworks on that show, start critiquing local tv news...

*Oh...Want more on how the storms were "TV's story"? Read David Carr's More Horrible Than Truth: News Reports.