Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Headlines and Legends

Ford to City: Drop DeadThe day will come to pass that our newsrooms are populated by people who don't remember the most famous headline ever ---but until then, we can expect the occassional homage to this masterful line, like in Tuesday's Troy Record which includes the headline, Troy to Rensselaer: Pay up!
William Brink, the former Daily News managing editor who wrote the screamer for the October 30, 1975 edition, died this Summer; His obit included this newspaper moment:
On Oct. 29, 1975, President Gerald Ford ruled out federal aid for the city to prevent an unprecedented default. Using a pencil on sheets of newsprint paper, Brink wrote, "DROP DEAD," then, above it, "FORD TO CITY."
"Terrific," said Editor Mike O'Neill, who recalled Brink yesterday as "a great newspaperman, a superb writer and editor ... with a surefire instinct for a good story or headline."
The rest, as they say, is history.