Thursday, September 29, 2005

Going Nowhere Fast

There was a time not so long ago, that WTEN seemed to be getting somewhere.

They'd taken an aggressive stance on breaking news, they were tightening up the look of their on-air product, and they were aggressively promoting themselves. The other stations in town hadn't only noticed the change, they were concerned that WTEN could be on the verge of a serious ratings breakthrough. Now? WTEN has fallen into a funk that can only result in being cemented to the number three position. So what went wrong at WTEN? Rene "Here, we're going to have fun" LaSpina. If her housecleaning was meant to change the direction of the station, it's worked. They are now moving backwards instead of forward.
Insiders report that the mood on Northern Boulevard is dark and getting darker. How long this can go on without them taking a hit ---like in the November book?