Friday, September 09, 2005

Cold Front

Tom Mailey's been around the market for a long time, and you'd have a hard time finding anyone to say something bad about him ---unless you look in today's Inside Politics story in the TU. Schenectady County legislator Joe Suhrada is saying that Mailey isn't just making too much money ($40,000) for his part time gig with the county, but that the job is unnecessary. Says Suhrada,
"I don't want to bash the guy, (but) that's work that could be done by volunteers."
At least Suhrada didn't stoop so low as to criticize Mailey's credentials from Mississippi State's Broadcast Meteorological Program. The only ones who do that are the other meteorologists in town, who think their sheepskin smells better because it wasn't from a distance learning school.