Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Case of the Wanting Website

I always look forward to Richard Arthur's usual flurry of Friday press releases from the District Attorney's office. Yesterday, for example, we heard the tale of the coke dealers turned in by neighbors because they were making a racket. Of the noisy reprobates, DA David Soares observed, "Criminals tend to engage in anti-social behavior." Indeed, Mr. Soares, indeed.

Another release told of Beth Geisel's Monday morning court appearance. Richard Arthur notes:
There is a possibility that this Office will have something to say about the case shortly thereafter.
A possibility? It would be page one above the fold if you didn't have something to say!

Anyway, I wish the DA's office would pull its act together and get a web site up. It's really surprising that the PR minded DA has overlooked this valuable tool which would allow us to link to their releases. Who's running the IT department down there? Sol Greenberg?