Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Case of the Tantalizing Tease

A trial would have been a media spectacle.
-Don Kinsella, Attorney for Beth Geisel
Now that David Soares has managed to put the Beth Geisel case to bed, it's time for the DA to set his house in order. Friday, we told you about the bizarre press advisory Soares flack Richard Arthur sent out in advance of Geisel's Monday appearance in court, which included this unusual line: There is a possibility that this Office will have something to say about the case shortly thereafter. Over the weekend, Arthur continued the build up for the anticipated plea deal, telling the TU, "You don't want to miss it", and the NY Post to "Stay tuned".

As a member of the media, I appreciate Mr. Arthur's enthusiasm in pitching stories. We need it and he dishes it up ---but as a citizen I find it a little disturbing. The district attorney's office holds extraordinary power; Shouldn't we expect a little restraint and decorum when dealing with serious matters? Oh, well. At least Mr. Arthur has gotten the message about sending out email with wise ass subject lines, and if this Soares thing doesn't work out, maybe he can find something with Ed Lewi. Of the media circus, Soares told The Record:
The buck stops with me; I take full responsibility. And to the extent that I've offended the public, I apologize.