Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Career Opportunities

John Gray checks in today with some advice for recent grads, and an account of breaking into the business that to many of you will sound very familiar. The kid from Troy who worked his way up to news anchor makes for a pretty good story.
Gray's columns in The Record show him as more a liverwurst guy than a pate' aficionado; more a WGNA listener than a WAMC member. It's kind of hard to understand why WNYT ever let him get away ---especially considering his talent for connecting with regular people. Yes, I like my anchors to be smart, but with all due respect to the late Peter Jennings, you would never have heard him talking NASCAR, like Brian Williams.

Did today's piece contain a tidbit about why he left channel 13? You be the judge:
If you love the job, the low pay won't matter. At least until you buy a house.
Again, who among us can't relate to that?