Friday, August 12, 2005

The World According to Matt

If you're reading this, you're clearly a person with highly refined tastes ---that or it's another slow day down in Agency Building 1. Either way, let me recommend Matt Glassman's Oh, Smalbany. Whether he's commenting on the news of the day or waxing in glorious detail on subjects like Heritage Park or Summer in Saratoga, Matt's a smart guy and it shows in his writing. According to his profile, he's finishing up his Ph.D in political science from Yale. That's impressive to someone like me, who took like five years to get through Harvard. But make no mistake about Matt: somebody who lists both Beff's and One Caroline Street Bistro side by side in their restaurant reviews is the sort of person I could have a beer with.

BY THE WAY: If Oh, Smalbany's exhaustive study of Heritage Park makes you nostalgic, now's your chance to buy a piece of the park before they tear it down.