Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Under Review

The local TV news beat isn't exactly like covering the White House, but you could at least try scratching the surface a little ---even if you are the Business Review. The paper, which generally reads like an extension of the Chamber's newsletter, carries an innocuously fluffy piece this week on the state of area TV newsrooms. Notably absent from the story is any mention of the sweeping changes Rene LaSpina has brought to WTEN. This stands in stark contrast to Mark McGuire's blistering column on Monday, which included this gem:
The conga line leaving the Northern Boulevard studios is starting to stretch into the hills. It doesn't look like a fun dance.
Granted, Barbara Pinkney isn't supposed to be a media critic, but her story shows a complete disregard for the truth about what's going on at WTEN. I suppose if you want those GMs to keep taking your calls, you'd better not write anything they wouldn't enjoy reading.