Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Starved for Victory

TU foodie Doug Blackburn today looked at the eating habits of jockeys at Saratoga. It might be more accurate to describe it as their not-eating habits.
Nice story ---but it just barely mentioned the heated controversy surrounding the torturous regimen jockeys are subjected to to make weight. Allegations of drug use and the practice of "flipping", or self-induced vomitting, are widespread;Trainers say increasing the weight limits would ruin horses, but not everyone's on board with that:
Dr. Stephen Wickler, professor of Animal and Veterinary Science at California Polytechnic Pomona, has estimated that a 5-pound increase in weight would increase force on a horse's limbs by 0.5 percent. (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Read the whole Enquirer story and note the dateline, just days before the 2004 Kentucky Derby. That's really something to think about while we're all caught up in Travers week, right?