Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mad Dogs and Giants Fans

Radio. It's something you listen to, not something you watch, yet we have Imus on MSNBC and Mike and the Mad Dog all afternoon on the Yes Network. We even have local radio on TV with Time Warner's simulcast of WAMC's Roundtable. Susan Arbetter is the only one of the bunch I care to see (sorry, Joe Donahue), but let's face it, radio shows on TV lose their novelty after about 5 minutes.

If watching radio on TV leaves you feeling that there must be something more, stop up at UAlbany this afternoon for Mike and The Mad Dog live at Giants camp. It will be very much like seeing them on YES except they'll be outside and right before your very eyes. They'll sit and talk into microphones and then sit and talk into the microphones some more. They're also expected to sit and talk into their microphones. Excellent!