Monday, August 15, 2005

Let it Lede

Here's a flash, Jumpin Jack: The TU is not the Rolling Stones of newspapers. That's what Rex Smith admitted in his broad comparison of handling change at the newspaper to the way the Stones change their live act. Smith was foreshadowing what's expected to be a fairly significant overhaul of the way the paper presents local and state news, coming August 23 according to teaser ads yesterday. Anyway, if the TU were the Rolling Stones of newspapers, would that make Rex Mick Jagger? And who would be Keith Richards? Paul Grondahl?
Personally, I'm voting for Fred Lebrun as Charlie Watts.

By the way, Rex's piece was headlined, We Gotta Roll With the Changes. What's the idea of summoning up the hideous specter of REO Speedwagon when we're talking about the Stones?